Schools vs SSSG and State - Scores over Time

The Scores over Time report shows the average performance of students in the school in the selected NAPLAN assessment and domain over time, compared to the statistically similar school group (SSSG) and the State.

Schools can use this report to assess the performance of their students versus meaningful comparison groups and identify areas of strength and areas to target for improvement. Trends in performance over time can also be observed.

Directors can use this report to assess the needs of schools and working with the principal and school community to develop strategies for improvement.

How will this report benefit me?

The Scores over Time report allows for comparison on the school’s performance against the State as well as a like-for-like group based on the Statistically Similar School groups (SSSG). Differences between the school and the SSSG are suggestive of areas of particular strength or weakness. Changes can be indicative of the effectiveness of areas of intervention, and can help to identify areas in need of improvement.

What does the Scores over Time report provide?

This report presents information on:

Average NAPLAN Score – School, SSSG and State

  • This line chart contains three lines – one for the selected school, one for statistically similar schools, and one for the state.
  • All values are the average (i.e. mean) for the selected NAPLAN assessment.
  • The chart tracks average NAPLAN scores for the last five years.

Use the following slicers to filter the data:

Step 1: Select a group of students

  • Which school were they in?
  • Which assessment?
  • Which domain?

Step 2: Optionally, select a subset of students

  • An enrolment type group?
  • A specific enrolment type?
  • Gender
  • Aboriginality - The term Aboriginality used in this data set refers to and includes both Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  In NSW the preferred term is Aboriginal, rather than Indigenous or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

How can I use the Scores over Time report to support my school self-assessment?

Analyse the change in the average NAPLAN score to develop enriching learning activities. This will support SEF elements, Student Performance Measures, and Assessment and Reporting.

What should I look for?

  • This chart can be used to show changes in the average NAPLAN score over time for a school.
  • Differences between schools and comparison groups indicate areas of strength and weakness.
  • The school’s trend in NAPLAN performance (particularly when compared to the comparison group’s trend) can point to the success of actions taken by the school in an area assessed by NAPLAN.

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?


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