Why it’s important

Engagement helps us better understand what is important to people with disability, how decisions are made, and what influences those decisions.

Education is committed to ensuring that we consult effectively with people with disability. Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) is designed for ongoing consultation with staff and the community.

We will create pathways so that people with disability, and those who support or care for them, can have their voices heard in the clearest way by the people who can act on their concerns.

How we’ll do it

The DIAP has an overall consultation strategy.

Each DIAP project is required to have consultation built into its project design. By involving people with a disability, we can empower and support them to shape and influence their own lives and the services they access. When we effectively engage from the start, we are building relationships and trust, and receive insights that can help drive improvement in people’s lives.

The Department’s Disability Strategy, as well as the Access and Inclusion Index Report, were used to inform the development of our DIAP projects. Both of these initiatives involved extensive community and workforce consultation. This included:

  • building consultation partnerships with disability peak organisations, disability advocacy groups, service providers, employee networks and other stakeholders.
  • consultation workshops
  • emails to

Your feedback is valued

If you have any feedback on current projects or suggestions for new projects email us at:


  • DoE

Business Unit:

  • Student Support and Specialist Programs
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