Integration Project Feedback Mechanism

Project summary


Capture data on the experience of students and staff who have requested adjustments as part of Integration Projects, after the completion of the project.

The Benefits

Collection of data and information can ensure we are meeting our obligations under the Disability Standards for Education and provide valuable information to feed back into the design process and School Infrastructure’s Education Facilities Standards and Guidelines (EFSG) design requirements.

What will success look like?

School Infrastructure will have an accurate measure of whether Integration Projects scopes are meeting the user’s requirements.

How will you measure success?

Data collection process will be in place and findings communicated with relevant teams.

Key project milestones

  • Project initiation
  • Internal stakeholders consulted (DoE data collection depts?)
  • Post Occupancy inspection
  • Feedback sessions provided with Integration Project Teams / Design Advisory Team

Project Governance

  • Division: School Infrastructure
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Asset Management
  • Project lead: AMU Directors
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