Wellbeing for School Excellence

Project summary


Strengthen schools’ understanding and implementation of the Wellbeing Framework through professional learning and an implementation guide.


  • ‘Using the Wellbeing Framework for School Excellence’ - Professional learning (PL) to support all staff in NSW to deepen their knowledge of and ability to engage with the Wellbeing Framework and to assess school programs against the School Excellence Framework.
  • The PL also reflects a focus on the Disability Strategy and Inclusive Education statement with them being explicitly referred to, strategies given to support students with disability, a focus on student voice and the major assignment for the course (facilitator training) being directly related to the Disability Strategy and Inclusive Education statement.
  • Wellbeing for school excellence” resource is the integration of the Wellbeing Framework and the School Excellence Framework. It supports schools' understanding that wellbeing initiatives and programs can be used as evidence of excellence across the School Excellence Framework. Comprehensive sources of evidence for schools to evaluate school improvement efforts and arrive at judgements as a part of the self-assessment.

In July 2021, the 'Wellbeing for school excellence' resource will be renamed “Achieving School Excellence in Wellbeing and Inclusion” and also integrates the Inclusive Education statement.

What will success look like?

  • Schools and staff are engaging in the professional learning.
  • Delivery Support staff and school staff that are trained as facilitators are delivering the professional learning to additional school staff.

How will success be measured?

  • Number of professional learning sessions delivered,
  • Number of facilitators trained
  • Downloads of the “Wellbeing for School Excellence” resource from department webpages.

Key project milestones

  • 12 PL facilitator sessions delivered each year.

Project Governance

  • Division: Learning Improvement/School Performance North
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Inclusion and Wellbeing
  • Project lead: Leader, Wellbeing Strategy | Student Health and Mental Wellbeing

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