Wellbeing for School Excellence

The 'Wellbeing for School Excellence' integrates the Wellbeing Framework with the School Excellence Framework to support schools' understanding that wellbeing initiatives and programs can be used as evidence of excellence across the School Excellence Framework.

Image: Wellbeing for School Excellence front page

Evaluating whether student wellbeing has improved as a result of implementing an initiative or strategy relies on a wealth of data to build evidence. The document 'Wellbeing for School Excellence' provides a range of whole-school, group and individual wellbeing initiatives and strategies. Sources of data associated with those programs are listed, providing schools with potential wellbeing improvement measures.

This tool integrates the School Excellence Framework with the NSW Wellbeing Framework for Schools by explicitly demonstrating their shared measures of excellence. Sources of evidence/data for evaluation of school programs and practices from related wellbeing policies are listed in the document to support school leaders in assessing existing student wellbeing processes as well as planning future ones.

The tool will complement schools’ implementation of the School Excellence Policy through strategic planning and ongoing self-assessment.

Effective evidence-based wellbeing programs enhance students' learning.

The resource is explored in the 'Using the Wellbeing Framework for School Excellence' professional learning.

This professional learning supports school staff to deepen their understanding of:

  • the multidimensional nature of student wellbeing
  • the Wellbeing Framework for Schools
  • practical, evidence-based strategies to enhance student wellbeing
  • whole-school planning for wellbeing
  • how to evaluate current practices and plan future wellbeing approaches within the school across the School Excellence Framework.

For more information contact: wellbeing@det.nsw.edu.au

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