Standard Accessibility Details

Project summary


This project will develop standardised details for common accessibility upgrade items, such as ramps, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs), handrails etc, to ensure all contractors are building to accessibility standards and/or enhanced Educational Facilities Standards and Guidance (EFSG) requirements.

The Benefits

All new work, which falls outside of formal approval pathways (for example minor works such as the replacement of a handrail or installing new TGSIs as part of an Integration Project) will have standardised approach documentation, which can be shared with project teams and contractors undertaking work on behalf of Asset Management Utility (AMU).

What will success look like?

All minor works achieve compliance with relevant Australian Standards and the EFSG. These requirements are communicated effectively and consistently to designers and contractors. All upgrade or replacement works improve the accessibility of the environment for all users.

How will success be measured?

Reduction in time communicating requirements to contractors, less rectification works required, all assets have consistent quality and compliance.

Key project milestones

  • Project inception
  • Template for standardised details to be developed
  • Pilot detail trialled
  • Internal SINSW stakeholders consulted
  • Feedback from relevant business areas received incorporated
  • Master list of standard details developed
  • Standard details created
  • Review process for standard details
  • Uptake review with AMU
  • Ongoing updates / additional standard details developed

Project Governance

  • Division: School Infrastructure NSW
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Asset Management
  • Project lead: Manager, Disability Standards
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