How we support DIAP projects

We will ensure projects stay on track by supporting them in a range of ways.

  • The Diversity and Inclusion team will provide information, guidance and advice to each project team.
  • Each project will have a registered Executive Sponsor who will provide progress reports at agreed intervals.
  • The department’s Diversity and Inclusion Council reviews all project proposals and all subsequent progress reports. The Chair of our Disability Employee Network (DEN) is a member of the Council and there are representatives from core divisions of our department.
  • By posting project details and progress reports online, we affirm our commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • There is a dedicated mailbox that will ensure any inquiry is addressed promptly

How you’ll know progress is being made

The DIAP has several ways to ensure accountability:

  1. All project proposals must detail:
    • The project objective – what the project seeks to achieve and what outputs will be delivered.
    • The challenge – what change challenge will the project address.
    • Why this is important – the benefits envisioned and why they are important.
    • What success will look like – what changes a successful project will deliver.
    • How success will be measured.
  2. The department’s Diversity and Inclusion Council has set six-monthly meetings at which it will review progress reports from all active or completed DIAP projects. The DIAP working group will also meet at other times as needed.
  3. All registered projects will be posted online; and will be updated with progress reports at least at six-monthly intervals.
  4. An annual ‘How are we doing?’ report will be posted online, with our Secretary’s endorsement.
  5. The consultation strategy will ensure that internal and external stakeholders are invited to review the DIAP’s progress annually.
  6. All completed projects must be reviewed. We will ask whether the project has succeeded, and what we can learn to inform future work to improve what we do.

Why our DIAP is web-based

Our DIAP is published as a web page to make it available to everyone in the most accessible format. Having it online also helps to ensure the DIAP is:

  • up-to-date – so we can keep you informed about projects and successes.
  • accountable – it will help you see what progress is being made.


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