Disability Focused Consultation Groups

Project summary


Implement a process (the Disability Focus Consultation Group Process – DFSG Process) to formally consult with employees such as the DEN and service users (students and families) with disability about the design and fit out of premises.

The Benefits

Users with a disability/disability Subject Matter Experts are best placed to provide feedback relating to their environment / engaging with the school community / staff etc.

What will success look like?

The DFCG Process will capture relevant and appropriate information from employees and service users as required. The information being captured will be of sufficient detail to be provided to relevant teams and mitigating action taken in response to the requirements of employees and service users.

How will you measure success?

The level of engagement with the DFCG Process will be a key means of measuring success, and can include metrics such as surveys, consultation forums, and number of individual pieces of feedback from employees and service users.

The DFCG Process is intended to capture relevant and useful information that can be fed back into the design process, standards and guidelines. Accordingly, success will also be measured by the number of actions being taken as a direct result of the feedback collected through the DFCG Process, and whether these actions are properly addressing the concerns and needs of employees and service users.

Key project milestones

  • Determine responsible teams and project leads for implementation of different parts of the project
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders within SINSW, DoE and external to determine requirements to incorporate existing processes into the DFCG Process
  • Develop detailed project plan and process map encompassing the DFCG Process
  • Commence the DFCG Process and data capture across organisation
  • Information through the DFCG Process provided to teams responsible for implementing changes to address feedback from stakeholders
  • To align to existing or emerging processes

Project Governance

  • Division: School Infrastructure NSW
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Asset Management
  • Project lead: Director, Office of the Chief Executive
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