Accessible Digital Experience Platform

Project summary


The Digital Experience Design (DxD) team manages the Digital Experience Platform, called Adobe Experience Manager via a product management process. The platform manages 2,200 school websites, the public website and intranet.

Work/development is conducted via continuous release/continuous improvement and is schedule via a backlog. Consistency is maintained via the department's Global Experience Language (GEL), also known as our Design system. Each release requires accessibility testing to ensure we maintain the current WCAG compliance/standards.

Backlog of items

Work on accessibility improvements is managed through epics/stories, these include:

  • Review of current pattern library and possible alignment to NSW.GOV’s pattern library
  • Review possible move to material design as a potential upgrade for the GEL, currently built on Bootstrap.
  • Review current Accessibility Tool
  • Identify potential automation for accessible code/upgrades
  • Work with Adobe via their Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to improve accessibility of the authoring interface.


  • Ensure DoE’s Pattern Library maintains the WCAG compliance/standards.
  • Uplift accessibility of the authoring interface for Adobe sites

How will success be measured?

  • Maintain AA compliance
  • SLAs for accessibility issues:
    • Sev 1 - close out within 6 weeks
  • Quarterly reporting of accessibility issues
  • Aim for a zero complaints rate for accessibility

Key project milestones

  • Ongoing: Accessibility Testing Reporting - WCAG compliance/standards
  • December 2021: GEL Review – Finding Report
  • December 2021: Review current Accessibility Tool
  • March 2022: Code automation/process improvement
  • December 2022: GEL updates

Project Governance

  • Division: Operations Group
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Customer Experience and Service Delivery (CESD)
  • Project lead: Director, Digital Experience Design
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