Inclusive Practice in Education (IPiE) Scholarship

Project summary


Boost the number of teachers qualified and accredited to teach students with disability across all settings.


  • Three IPiE study pathways including:
    1. Masters in inclusive/special education
    2. Masters with specialisation in the area of deaf and hard of hearing or blind and low vision
    3. Graduate Diploma in inclusive/special education
  • A strong pipeline of teachers qualified in inclusive education teaching our students with disability.
  • Supporting our teachers and investing in their professional development.
  • Strengthened inclusive practice and pedagogy across NSW public schools through a highly skilled workforce.

What will success look like?

  • Teachers are confident and equipped to teach students with disability.
  • Students with disability are learning to their fullest capability across NSW Public Schools.
  • Students with disability have a sense of belonging across NSW Public Schools.

How will success be measured?

  • Feedback from scholars.
  • We will explore an evaluation of the program aimed at understanding the impact of the training on our teachers and the impact on students with disability.

Key project milestones

Under the Inclusive Practice in Education scholarship, by 2025/26, there will be an additional 350 teachers qualified in inclusive or special education.

Project Governance

  • Division: Learning Improvement / Chief People Officer
  • Project executive: Executive Director, Inclusion and Wellbeing
  • Project lead: Director, Disability Strategy / Director, Teacher Talent
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