NAPLAN report FAQs

Are the Scaled Scores from previous NAPLAN assessments comparable with 2023 scores?

No, NAPLAN scores in 2023 and onwards are not comparable to the previous NAPLAN scale (2008-2022). From 2023, NAPLAN results are reported against 4 proficiency standard levels rather than numerical bands and national minimum standards.

Is there a timeline on the release of future reports and what those future reports will be?

The next release on 18 September includes the Item Analysis report, and NAPLAN alternative format results.

Will future reports allow schools to compare themselves to Statistically Similar School Groups (SSSG)?

Though Scout has previously provided SSSG lists, the methods for producing them are no longer considered robust. The department is currently reviewing new strategies that align with best practice.

Is there an explanation about how scores are determined and what that means for schools and analysis?

For an explanation of how scores are determined, please go to the National Assessment Program website.

Learn more about Scout NAPLAN reports

Watch the NAPLAN video for an overview of the 2023 report changes. Contact Scout support if you have any questions regarding access to the reports.


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