STEM challenges support the development of critical and creative thinking, problem-solving and persistence. The challenges are suitable for all ages and can be undertaken individually or involve the whole family. Working in a team supports the development of skills in communication, teamwork and collaboration. Each challenge is built around the design thinking process. You can find STEM challenges on the Fridays of each guided learning from home package.

Two week learning sequences

These detailed programs offer a two week unit of work that builds student skills.

Associated resources

The two-week programs linked above all have related digital student resources and printable student workbooks that are located in our filterable resource library.

You can also find ideas and activities on our curated list of external digital resources.

Distance education resources

Access K-6 distance education resources developed to support students that cannot access a physical school. The Distance education network offers these documents to support teachers delivering off campus learning. They are not designed for all learning contexts and are not anticipated to address all syllabus outcomes. Curriculum experts are reviewing them and when quality assured versions are available they will be highlighted.

While the resources support independent student study, they must be used in consultation with their subject teacher.


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