Multi-stage activity cards

These multi-stage activity cards are designed to be shared by language teachers in primary schools with their students. Each week’s activity cards share a consistent theme from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3. This will make things easier for parents supporting learning from home.

There is one activity card per stage, per week. Each activity card should take students approximately 30 minutes per week to complete.

At this time it’s important that students have some contact with their teachers. It’s recommended that teachers record themselves modelling the language required to complete the activities. See more about this in the section below.

Modelling language and activities

Teachers can use Microsoft Stream (accessed through the Microsoft Office 365 tile in the staff portal) to record videos of themselves modelling language and activities. View the instructions for Stream for further information.

There are example videos to accompany some of the activity cards (below). Videos such as these allow language teachers to further support their students while learning from home.

Weekly activity cards

For Early Stage 1 to Stage 3:

Example teacher videos

Supporting Stage 1 students with the week 1 task:

Weekly activity cards

For Early Stage 1 to Stage 3:

Example teacher video

Supporting Stage 2 students with the week 1 task:

Weekly activity cards

For Early Stage 1 to Stage 3:

Two week learning sequences

These detailed programs offer a 2-week unit that builds student skills. School staff exercise professional judgement when making decisions about the suitability of teaching and learning activities to meet the needs of their students.

Support for teachers

Each Wednesday in Term 3 2021, we will explore using and adapting the K-6 guided learning packages to assist with learning from home.

Join the next Zoom webinar, view previous webinar recordings and find other useful resources on the guided learning packages page (staff only).

Associated resources

The two-week programs linked above all have related digital student resources and printable student workbooks that are located in our filterable resource library.

You can also find ideas and activities on our curated list of external digital resources.

Distance education resources

Access K-6 distance education resources developed to support students that cannot access a physical school.

The Distance education network offers these documents to support teachers delivering off campus learning. They are not designed for all learning contexts and are not anticipated to address all syllabus outcomes.

While the resources support independent student study, they must be used in consultation with their subject teacher.


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