Stage 6 Life Ready course

The Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K – 12 policy standards requires all government secondary schools to deliver Life Ready for a minimum indicative time of 25 hours.

The program can be completed in either Year 11 or Year 12 or across both years.

Life Ready course is designed to prepare and support senior students as they encounter situations related to health and safety. For more information go to Curriculum - Key Learning Area PDHPE About Life Ready

Life Ready is divided into six relevant and contemporary learning contexts - including Safe Travel.


To assist teachers provide relevant teaching and learning Stage 6 resources have been developed to deliver the Safe Travel context

Engaging external road safety provider checklist to assist teachers make professional judgements about engaging an external provider.

Professional learning:

Schools are encouraged to send teachers to the Stage 6 Life Ready: Teaching the skills through Safe Travel professional learning workshop, which allows teachers to:

  • investigate opportunities to enhance their Life Ready program, through skills-based teaching and learning activities.
  • review a variety of resources to support the effective implementation of Life Ready/ Safe Travel and best meet the needs of the student cohort.

Life Ready - coordinator and teacher introduction 2 hour professional learning module is also useful to enrol in, if you are new to the role.


  • Life Ready

Business Unit:

  • Teaching Quality and Impact
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