Stage 6 Life Ready: Teaching the skills through Safe Travel

Stage 6 students are a diverse group, varying in their levels of maturity and in their ability to manage changes and challenges at this time of life. The way in which young people plan for and respond to these situations can have a significant impact on their health and safety. This professional learning supports Life Ready organisers and teachers to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Life Ready course by exploring it through the context of Safe Travel.

At this full-day workshop, teachers will:

  • investigate opportunities to enhance their Life Ready program, through skills-based teaching and learning activities.

  • review a variety of resources to support the effective implementation of Life Ready/ Safe Travel and best meet the needs of the student cohort.

Accreditation: Completing this workshop will contribute 5.5 hours of NESA accredited professional learning addressing the Australian Professional Standards 1.2.2, 3.3.2, 4.4.2. for gaining or maintaining proficient teacher accreditation in NSW.

Cost: Casual teacher relief is available if the school hasn’t previously attended. Additional teachers are welcome to attend with relief paid by own school

Register via My PL for face to face AC00121 or virtual delivery AC00139

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