Road safety messages in Auslan

Robert Townson High School has worked with the department's Road Safety Education Officers to develop these road safety messages in Auslan for the deaf community.

Find out how these videos were developed An initiative in inclusion - Auslan road safety messages

Pedestrian safety

Stop! Look! Listen! Think! every time you cross the road
Keep left on the footpath
Always hold grown ups hand when you cross the road
Be aware of your surroundings
Use a safe place to cross the road
Put your phone and devices away
Hold onto the ball when you are on or near the road

Bus safety

Stand behind yellow line
Wait for people to get off the bus
Be a responsible bus passenger and give you seat to someone in need
Don't distract the driver
Wait till the bus has gone and then find a safe place to cross the road

Passenger safety

Always buckle up safely
Always stay buckled up

Bike safety

Always wear a helmet
All Auslan road safety messages
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