Workforce diversity

The Workforce Diversity report provides principals with an insight into the diversity characteristics of their staff including age band, gender and length of service.

Executive Directors and Directors of Public Schools can view all schools within their Principal Network.

How will these reports benefit me?

This report will assist with workforce planning and support the department’s commitment to workforce diversity and creating a supportive, flexible and fair work environment where difference among employees is respected.

The reports also assist with:

  • Workforce planning – workforce profile characteristics such as age can inform workforce planning activities, in particular succession planning. A team’s age profile may indicate possible retirements and can therefore inform strategies in relation to the department’s talent pipeline, succession plans and workforce or individual development needs.
  • Diversity strategies – people managers can use the diversity reports to benchmark their current workforce profile against the public sector and the department’s diversity targets. The department has developed a range of strategies to embed diversity strategies into the broader workforce planning process and to increase the participation of diverse groups in its workforce. For example, assessing length of service by balance of gender and age characteristics.

What does the Workforce Diversity report provide?

This two page report provides the following information:

Page 1: Age Bands

Staff Head Count by Age Band and Gender

  • This column chart displays the number of female and male staff by 10-year age band.

Staff Head Count by School Name

  • This column chart displays the total number of staff in a school.

Page 2: Length of Service

Staff Head Count by Age Band and Length of Service in Department

  • This column chart compares length of service in the department (not the staff member’s current position, their total length of service) to their 10-year age band. In case of staff members who left the department and re-joined, within 180 days, the prior service period and gap period is considered in their length of service; whereas if the staff member had a gap period of longer than 180 days before re-joining, the prior service period is considered however, the gap period is not considered in their length of service.

For all charts, you can use the Employment Level slicer to filter by Employment Level e.g. classroom teacher or school admin staff.

How can I use the Workforce Diversity report to support my school self-assessment?

In the Leading domain of the School Excellence Framework (SEF), School Resources states in schools that excel, the leadership team deploys teaching and non-teaching staff to make best use of available expertise to meet the needs of students.

What should I look for?

  • Take note of the current trends and details about the workforce.
  • The three charts can answer questions on age profile of your staff, what plans need to be made over the coming years, in response to your workforce profile. Does the length of service of the staff in your team suggest anything in relation to the culture, staff engagement or career development opportunities?

Where does this data come from?

HR information systems (HRIS), PERS, PEPS, CEPS and SAP HR

How frequently is data updated?


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