Casual Timesheets

This report is provided by EDConnect and is part of the suite of EDConnect operational reports available via Scout.

This report provides details on casual employees and their timesheets including details such as timesheets created, released, approved and late claims.

The snapshot view of the report is from the close of business from the day before.

Principals can view casual time sheets within their school. Executive Directors and Directors, Educational Leadership can view all schools within their network.

How will this report benefit me?

The report focuses on proving a snapshot in time on how casual timesheets are progressing. This includes information on:

  • Progress of claims for the current pay period;
  • Historical trends over a 11 pay cycles; and
  • Staff that have a current assignment with the school.

What does the report provide?

The report provides a daily view of data that is collated from SAP, in relation to the approval of casual timesheet claims in the school.

A school can use this to view their timesheet approval history, or they can use it to view the status of an individual’s timesheet claim for the current pay period.

How can I use the report to support my school?

By looking at the historical trends, principals will see the percentage of claims approved on time and those that have been approved late.

What should I look for?

  • Look at the trend line in the ‘Timesheet Approvals by Pay Period’ table, which shows the number of late claims and number of claims approved outside the school.
  • The bar graph indicates the number of casuals engaged in that school for the last 11 pay cycles.
  • Check the names of the staff listed in the current pay period. It may be possible to identify where casual staff are appearing as having worked at a school when they did not.
  • The status of all casual staffs’ timesheet claims.

Where does this data come from?

CATS Timesheet in SAP

How frequently is data updated?


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