Current Staff Profile

This report is provided by EDConnect and is part of the suite of EDConnect operational reports available via Scout.

The Current Staff Profile report shows several elements that make up the demographic of each school’s workforce, including Staff Headcount by Age Band, Employee Gender and Employment Level.

Principals can view the current staff profile in their school. Executive Directors and Directors, Educational Leadership can view all schools within their Principal Network.

How will this report benefit me?

This report will assist Principals with workforce planning activities.

What does the Current Staff Profile report provide?

This one page report provides the following information:

Staff Head Count by Age Band and Gender

  • This column chart displays the staff breakdown by 10-year age bands and gender, i.e. the number of staff in each age band and category.
  • Click on any category within this chart, e.g. Female staff aged 55-64, which filters the data in the other visualisations to display only staff matching that category.

Staff Head Count by Employment Level

  • This bar chart displays the staff head count by employment level. The levels include classroom teachers, head teachers, principals, administrative staff, etc.
  • Click on any category within this chart, e.g. classroom teachers, to filter the data in the other visualisations to display only staff matching that category.

Staff List

  • This table lists all staff at the selected school(s), their employment level and their full time equivalent (FTE).
  • To sort by any of the columns, click on the heading of the column you wish to sort by.
  • Note that any staff who are splitting their time between two positions, e.g. someone who has a 0.3FTE as a Classroom Teacher and 0.7FTE as a Head Teacher, will appear in this table twice, once for each position. Also note that, the FTE does not include any overtime worked by the staff in a position.


  • This tile displays the head count, i.e. unique count of staff at the school.

Staff FTE

  • This tile displays the total FTE of all positions at the school..

Average Length of Service in Current Position

  • This tile displays the average length of service in years that all staff at the school have spent in their current position at the school.

Staff Head Count by Employee Group

  • This slicer allows you to filter data by employee group, which segments staff based on their employment level and their employment status, i.e. Casual Teacher Part Time. When you click on one of the options in the slicer, all visualisations will be filtered to display data for that employment level only.

How can I use the Current Staff Profile report to support my school self-assessment?

In the leading domain of the School Excellence Framework (SEF), School Resources states that, “in schools that excel, resources are strategically used to achieve improved student outcomes and high quality service delivery.”

What should I look for?

Refer to the charts within the report to answer questions around staff head count, employment level, age band and gender. This will assist in school planning.

Where does this data come from?

HR system (SAP HR), PEPS, PERS and CEPS.

How frequently is data updated?


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