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The Establishment Report for school finance captures granular details on vacant and filled positions and their occupants in school-based roles. It contains information such as occupant name, start dates, position description and school name.

This version of the establishment report is designed to support schools' planning and management of their SBAR. It includes additional supporting financial information including identifying an employee with multiple positions, but the same assignment (MPSA), against a single primary assignment in a cost centre.

Noting that there are differences between the purpose of a SELSCR report and the establishment report and the position assignment of MPSA may not be perfect in all cases. Please ensure that the “Is SELC” filter shows “True” values only as it may show different results to the SELSCR report otherwise.

If you have questions about the inclusion or exclusion of MPSA positions, please check the SAP Employee Level Salary Cost Report (SELSCR) before contacting Scout support.

How will this report benefit me?

The Establishment report provides school leaders with an overview of position & occupancy data for their school and supports them in making decisions about staffing and budgeting as well as the management of their SBAR. The report will provide the correct SAP data (SAP Employee ID and SAP Position ID) to enable schools to accurately complete their staff planning.

What does the Establishment report provide?

This report enables users to filter by:

  • School Name
  • Organisation Name
  • Vacancy Status

Establishment Report

This page displays one table with the following columns:

  • School Name
  • Position Type
  • SAP Position ID
  • OMSEE Position ID
  • Position Description
  • Substantive Position Holder
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Person Assignment Number
  • Employee Name
  • Occupancy Start Date
  • Occupancy End Date

Column explanation

Position Type

  • Permanent: This is an existing position held at the school as per OMSEE data.
  • Temporary: The school creates this position when completing SAP staffing forms, and it is only applicable for the date range provided.
  • Casual: This is a casual Teaching position.
  • Short Term: This is a casual Non-Teaching position.

SAP Position ID

Unique identification number allocated to staff positions within the school.

Note: The Position Type reporting in the Scout Establishment Report is not related to the person in the position but is related to the position itself.

How can I use the Scout Establishment report to support my school staff planning?

When planning for staff in the eFPT (Enterprise Financial Planning Tool), each permanent and temporary staff member and position must be planned with the correct SAP Employee ID and SAP Position ID. The Scout Establishment report can be utilised during planning to confirm the Employee and Position IDs for all staff and provide the SAP Position IDs for new positions created.

For MPSA staff (Multiple Positions Single Assignment), this report will provide only the “main” SAP Position ID. This is the position ID required to be entered into the eFPT staff plan.

The SAP Employee ID and SAP Position ID fields are then used to compare the schools' planned data with their payroll (actual) data. This helps the schools ensure that they are paying for the right people in the right positions and that each position is being funded appropriately (entitlement FTE or flexible funding).

Noting that there are differences between the purpose of a SELSCR report and the Establishment report, the position assignment of MPSA may not be perfect in all cases. Where an MPSA position is attributed to an incorrect role, please confirm this against your SELSCR report before contacting Scout support.

What should I look for?

Schools will use the Scout Establishment Report to identify the appropriate SAP Employee ID and SAP Position ID for each staff member in their plan in the following scenarios:

* Where the SAP Employee ID or SAP Position ID in the staff planning page of the eFPT is blank (e.g. where a new position has been created)

* Where a variance between SAP Employee ID or SAP Position ID is identified in the FTE Entitlement Report (a mismatch between what has been entered in the plan and what has been entered into SAP HR/Payroll)

Where does this data come from?

The data in the Establishment report comes from HR and SAP.

It includes additional supporting financial information, including identifying an employee with multiple positions, mimicking the logic from the SELSCR.

How frequently is data updated?

Daily (overnight). Any changes made within the data in SAP will be visible in the Establishment report the next day.


  • DoE
  • Scout in practice

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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