Unfilled Vacancies

Teacher Unfilled Vacancies Report

Designed for Principals and school leaders, Directors, Educational Leadership and Executive Directors. The information displayed is specific to each respective user, i.e. each user can only view results for their own school, network or directorate.

How can I use this report?

This report gives principals and school leaders visibility over their current unfilled vacancies position. It is particularly useful in monitoring vacancies and informing short, mid and long term recruitment and workforce planning. The report provides the following information in table format:

  • School entitlement: the number of teaching FTE positions your school is entitled to, based on your enrolments.
  • Drought maintenance: drought maintenance entitlement FTE (for approved schools if applicable)
  • Establishment: permanently filled FTE
  • (V), (C), (H) and (R): this field indicates the position?s current status in the recruitment process.
    • Vacant (V) indicates the Principal has declared the position in OMSEE and it is progressing through the recruitment process
    • Conditionally Filled (C) indicates the position is Conditionally Filled, and pending clearance
    • On Hold (H) indicates the position is on hold in accordance with Clause 2.1 of the Staffing Agreement and with the approval of the school?s DEL and Teacher Recruitment. Positions on hold should be continually monitored and filled when possible
    • Review (R) indicates the position is on review and requires action. The principal is to review the ongoing requirement for the position and submit a Staffing Details Notification form on OMSEE with the required action within 4 weeks of the position put on review. Positions should not remain in an ?R? status for an extended period
  • Future filled: positions which have been filled with a future start date
  • Unestablished unfilled positions (U)*: these FTE are within a school?s entitlement however have not been created in the system. Principals must create these positions through submitting a Staffing Details Notification form on OMSEE to ensure the school?s entitlement is in line with the positions at the school.
  • Unfilled FTE*: Unfilled FTE is the total FTE which Principals are required to action. These include positions on Review and Unestablished FTE.
  • Unfilled %*: the percentage of a school?s entitlement which is Unfilled FTE.

*Note: these figures can be negative if there are additional positions i.e. self-funded, above establishment or additional On Hold or Review positions (due to decreased entitlement or changing curriculum needs)

What should I look for?

The Staffing Agreement outlines our commitment and responsibility to permanently fill all vacancies except in those circumstances in Clause 2.1 of the Agreement. The report supports the management of unfilled vacancies as it displays the relevant and necessary data to aid decision making and action for UV. Further, it enables leaders to:

  • Monitor and review your school?s current unfilled vacancies positions
  • Understand the current status of your established positions
  • Plan and recruit according to your school?s current vacancies, in accordance with your entitlement and establishment
  • Ensure data integrity ? FTE shown here reflects information from the relevant HR systems. Schools should report any incorrect FTE within this report in order to rectify in the source system.
  • Position maintenance ? in circumstances where schools have negative unfilled FTE, review if there are any positions On Hold or Review which could be made inactive

Where does this data come from?

HR information systems (HRIS), PERS and OMSEE

How frequently is data updated?


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