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The NSW Aboriginal Education Statewide Staffroom is a welcoming virtual space for all NSW department staff to increase their cultural knowledge of topics relating to Aboriginal education: syllabus content, Aboriginal histories and culture, resources and personnel. The Aboriginal Education Statewide Staffroom, in partnership with subject matter experts delivers weekly topics based around a central theme, supporting staff to increase their knowledge of student needs as well as the connection to their professional roles. All resources contained on the staffroom are reviewed by subject matter experts/domain specialists to ensure accuracy of content.

The Aboriginal Education Statewide Staffroom provides opportunities for members to hear from experts in their field during webinars, as well as opportunities to connect with colleagues from across the state during informal Deadly Yarning sessions.

Staff are encouraged to ask questions and to share their knowledge and resources to support members in building their confidence to address and embed authentic Aboriginal perspectives into teaching and learning programs.

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The NSW Aboriginal Education Statewide Staffroom site is provided by the NSW Department of Education as a collaborative and collegial space. This staffroom can be accessed anytime.

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This Aboriginal Education Statewide Staffroom is open to all NSW Department of Education employees.

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Alignment to system priorities and/or needs:
Aboriginal Education Policy:
The department is committed to increasing knowledge and understanding of the histories, cultures and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Peoples of Australia. The department will provide Aboriginal cultural education for all staff and education about Aboriginal Australia for all students, as it is everybody’s business.

NSW Plan for Public Education: Advance equitable outcomes, opportunities and experiences.

Closing the Gap:
The National Agreement has 17 targets across the following outcome areas: education, employment, health and wellbeing, justice, safety, housing, land and waters, and languages. The Commonwealth, states and territories, local government and the Coalition of Peaks share accountability for the implementation of the National Agreement and are jointly accountable for the outcomes and targets under the National Agreement.

Alignment to School Excellence Framework:
Learning Domain – Learning Culture, Wellbeing and Curriculum. Teaching Domain – Professional Standards and Learning and Development Leading Domain – Educational Leadership and Management Practices and Processes.

Consulted with:
This fact sheet was produced in collaboration with the Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate and NSW Statewide Staffrooms.

Created/last updated:
December 2023.

Anticipated resource review date:
This resource will be reviewed in December 2024. To ensure ongoing improvement of this resource, feedback on this resource can be provided via the survey or QR code below.

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To access this resource, please visit: NSW Aboriginal Education Statewide Staffroom.


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