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HSC Minimum Standard - Illustrations of Practice is offered as a support for users of the HSC minimum standard resource. They provide examples of how teachers can select, adapt and use lesson activities to meet the varying literacy and numeracy needs of students. They model uses of the resource to prepare students for meeting the HSC minimum standard in the context of teaching and learning in different KLAs in Stages 5 and 6.

The HSC minimum standard teacher resource brings together a range of classroom ready teaching and learning activities to assist teachers to support students in achieving the HSC minimum standard.

Activities have been designed to assist schools in targeting specific areas of need relating to the focus areas of writing, numeracy, and reading.

Connections have been drawn to both the Australian Core Skills Framework and the National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions.

The teaching and learning activities provided in the resource are arranged to begin with teacher guided instructions, followed by related student activities.

Enhanced activities have been designed to support the learning needs of English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) students.

Timeframe and Instructions for use:

Staff can use these group activities at any stage. These groups of activities can be downloaded as a ZIP file by selecting the download all option within the resource.

To access the HSC Minimum Standard resource, please visit: About this resource.

Intended audience:

Classroom teachers, Secondary schools.

Evidence base:

Closing the Gap:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students achieve their full learning potential; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students reach their full potential through further education pathways and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth are engaged in employment or education.

Alignment to School Excellence Framework:
Learning Domain – Learning Culture, Learning Domain – Wellbeing, Learning Domain – Curriculum, Learning Assessment, Learning Domain – Reporting, Learning Domain – Student Performance Measures, Teaching Domain – Effective Classroom Practice, Teaching Domain – Data Skills and Use, Teaching Domain Professional Standards, Teaching Domain – Learning and Development, Leading Domain – Educational Leadership.

Consulted with:
Literacy and Numeracy team.

Reviewed by:
Aboriginal Education and Communities in collaboration with Literacy and Numeracy team.

Created/last updated:
December 2023.

Anticipated resource review date:
This resource will be reviewed in December 2024. To ensure ongoing improvement of this resource, feedback on this resource can be provided via the survey or QR code below.

Universal Resources - Aboriginal Education feedback survey QR code Universal Resources - Aboriginal Education feedback survey QR code

Resource Link

To access the resource, please visit: HSC Minimum Standard - Illustrations of Practice.


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