My Future, My Culture, My Way


The My Future, My Culture, My Way (MFMCMW) is a campaign to help Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students through the journey to attaining the Higher School Certificate (HSC) by supporting them, their parents and carers, and communities.

When students complete the HSC, the whole community benefits. We want all students to achieve their very best. For some students, the HSC journey can be challenging and different supports and connection to Culture may help them through.

This campaign recognises that staying connected to Culture is important throughout a student’s studies. It helps students to stay strong, in mind, body and spirit, and to reach their full potential.

Communities also have an important role to play to reach this ambitious target. You can help involve students with language and culture to help maintain cultural identity, and also provide them with academic support and encourage them on their journey to the HSC.

Timeframe for use:

This toolkit can be used at anytime to share the key messages of the My Future, My Culture, My Way campaign. Resources can be used to support transition points from Years 10-11, to address retention risk and support subject selection with students and parents. The weblink to the Department's website can be shared with students and families as it is updated regularly, includes important information on a HSC pathway, stories of success and support resources.

Intended audience:

This toolkit is designed to support all schools, parents, carers and community promote key messages about the importance of attaining the HSC. Whatever your role in the community, everything you do to support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students will help to achieve equality in opportunity. Please use the resources below to share the key messages of the MFMCMW campaign and to design an approach that supports and celebrates Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students in your school.

Instructions for use:

To access the Stakeholder toolkit please visit the Stakeholder Resources webpage.

Evidence base:

Working towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students attaining their final school qualifications at the same rate as non-Aboriginal students is an important part of fostering equality of opportunity for Aboriginal people. Recent studies show a clear link between completing the HSC and positive future employment and higher educational outcomes. This resource aligns to the ‘Supporting Aboriginal students to attain the HSC’ CESE report.

Alignment to School Excellence Framework:
Learning Culture, Wellbeing, Curriculum, Reporting, Educational Leadership.

Consulted with:
The NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (CAPO), the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and the NSW Department of Education and the previous Premier’s Implementation Unit.

Reviewed by:
Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate.

Created/last updated:
Released December 2023.

Anticipated resource review date:
This resource will be reviewed in December 2024. To ensure ongoing improvement of this resource, feedback on this resource can be provided via the survey or QR code below.

Universal Resources - Aboriginal Education feedback survey QR code Universal Resources - Aboriginal Education feedback survey QR code

Resource Link

To access this resource, please visit My Future, My Culture, My Way.


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