Equity Loading - Aboriginal Student Funding


Every NSW public school with Aboriginal student enrolments receives Aboriginal background equity loading.

The funding is calculated on the percentage of Aboriginal students in each school. The level of funding and rate per student for each school is determined by the number of Aboriginal students and the percentage of Aboriginal students in the school. Data is extracted using the mid-year census data from National Schools Statistics Collection (NSSC) – all Aboriginal enrolments.

The allocation may include Aboriginal education officer (AEO) or Aboriginal school learning support officer (ASLSO) entitlement appearing on published enrolment and entitlement reports. Staff entitlement included in the Aboriginal background loading is funded from the loading and is not in addition to the loading. If applicable, staff entitlement will appear on the summary page, the Aboriginal background page and in the blue section on the staffing allocation page of the School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR).

The department’s goal is for Aboriginal students to match or better the outcomes of the broader student population in the following areas:

  • rates of school attendance
  • performance in literacy and numeracy
  • Year 12 attainment
  • supporting every Aboriginal student to foster their cultural knowledge and identity.
Timeframe for use:

This resource is best used for school planning.

Intended audience:

This resource guides school-based staff with evidenced based examples of how to use the Aboriginal background equity loading as well as effective practice utilising these funds.

Evidence base:

Refer to the resources supporting effective practice on the Aboriginal Education and Communities webpage, including the Aboriginal Education Policy. Additional information can also be found on the Schools funding – Aboriginal background webpage.

Alignment to system priorities and/or needs:
Aboriginal Education Policy:
The NSW Department of Education is committed to improving the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students so that they excel and achieve in every aspect of their education. It is the goal of the department that, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will match or better the outcomes of the broader student population.

NSW Plan for Public Education:
Through ensuring equitable outcomes, opportunities and experiences.

Alignment to School Excellence Framework:
Leading Domain - Educational Leadership, Leading Domain - School planning implementation and reporting, Leading Domain - School Resources, Leading Domain - Management practices and processes.

Consulted with:
This fact sheet was produced in collaboration with the Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate and Strategic Resourcing and Finance

Reviewed by:
Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate.

Created/last updated:
December 2023.

Anticipated resource review date:
This resource will be reviewed in December 2024. To ensure ongoing improvement of this resource, feedback on this resource can be provided via the survey or QR code below.

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To access this resource, please visit: Equity Loading - Aboriginal background.


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