IPM Samples


These resources support schools when developing Implementation and Progress Monitoring (IPM). It is an example only. Each school will create their own unique IPMs, to address their specific context and their individual needs.

Timeframe for use:

One year of a four-year plan. Each school will determine the timeframe regarding implementation of each activity. The implications at each QDAI analysis point will determine the next steps to be taken.

Note: There is a great deal of information in the example but there is no expectation that this will all be achieved in one year.

Intended audience:

The primary audience for this resource is school Principals (with secondary enrolments), executive teams and school staff. It may also be used by Directors, Educational Leadership (DELs), Principals School Leadership (PSLs), Principal Coach Mentors (PCMs) and other corporate directorates when supporting Principals and leaders.

Instructions for use:

This will be used by schools when developing their IPMs as part of the School Excellence Cycle. Principals should review this resource with key staff to discuss how its contents may be useful in their school’s context and consider how it might inform the development of the school’s Implementation and progress monitoring.


  • DoE

Business Unit:

  • Aboriginal Education and Communities
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