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Young apprentice highlights benefits of trade video


My names Harveer Brar, doing a mechanic apprenticeship down at Woolgoolgaa NRMA Auto Service. Well, my apprenticeship started with going through school, talked to my careers advisor to get through there. I heard about that and then I had a one week work placement here. So yeah, I went, then after that I went back to school and then it was school holidays a couple of weeks later, and I was still working down at Woolworths and the days I wasn't working down there, I'd come down here to help them out. So I gained more of an advantage to get the job. In that first trial work I wasa bit nervous and then I got the hang of it and got in there and got it done. The apprenticeship has gave me confidence to work on my own and figure things out myself. The pilot program helped me a lot to get this jobs and to boost my confidence of getting there, talking up, getting my resume out in time and go on to see people. They also helped me out with stuff like my boots and all that once I got the job, so to support me along the way. Before the apprenticeship, I was a bit lost. Well, I was going toschool, leaving school early, just to wag my mates and go home. But ever since I got this job, it's boost my confidence. I’m out and about. It's gave me the confidence to get my license. Work here Monday to Friday and Monday's a 8:00 start to 5:30. Every other day is 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. I'll get here in the morning about 7:00, 7:30, start sweeping up, get prepared for the day and get my tools out. Go see the boss, see what I need to do and what tools I need and what cars I need to bring in. What cars I need to move out from the night before. Favourite thing to do here is probably services at the moment, because I'm more confident on it now and know what to do. Service involves checking the lights, topping up all the waters, coolant, brake fluid, and doing tire pressures, replacing tires if they need and just changing oil, replacing oil. Oh, love it. It’s heaps good, coming to work, just makes me happy. Yeah. So I'll wake up, I'm like, "Yeah." I know I'm going to safe spot with mates and basically family.

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