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Employer and student discuss SBAT pathway video

Billy: Hi, I'm Billy. I'm school captain of Liverpool Boys High School. I'm undertaking a Cert II in automotive servicing at Peter Warren Toyota. I've always had a passion for cars. I love being in and around them, working on them. Sowhen I saw that there was an opportunity to go to work, study, and go school at the same time and learn about cars and do what I loved, I jumped at that and took it. I started looking for a school-based apprenticeship in Year 10, and I began in Year 11.

Gary Davenport: Hi, my name's Gary Davenport. I'm the National Training Manager for Peter Warren Holdings based in New South Wales. So here at Peter Warren Warwick Farm is our head office. We have around 10 manufacturer brands, and we do everything from servicing to sales and parts and warranty. We have around 400 staff on site and within that staff, we've got about 40 apprentices working here.

Billy: I get a lot of support from my teachers at school, especially with my studies. Whenever I need anything, anyhelp, they're more than happy to help me. From my employer, they're more than happy for me to take some time off work or from TAFE whenever I do need. Because in my position as school captain, I do need to be at school on certain days and certain occasions, and they're more than happy to oblige. On Mondays, I have TAFE at Wetherill Park. On Tuesday, I'm here at Peter Warren Toyota working. And Wednesday through Friday, I'm at school.

Gary Davenport: Every year we take on around 10 school-based apprentices or trainees, and this year we've been working closely with the EPPP coordinators in the southern and southwest Sydney region. And we've taken on 10 school-based, all from EPPP schools. So during our induction week, we're looking for their enthusiasm to want a career in the automotive industry. During the week, we're not looking for them to be mechanical engineers or have a big understanding of an engine or a gearbox. It's all about their behaviours and how we can work with them to give them the skills that they require for the future. So Billy's been with us for 12 months and he's just commencing his Year 12 at school. Billy is a great asset to Peter Warren Automotive Toyota, and we would welcome Billy back to join the team.

Billy: Well, Peter Warren has been a very great employer for me. They're very supportive. I've loved working here, and I would love to continue working here even after completing my Cert II qualification.


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