Transcript for VET opportunities at Dapto High School video

Transcript for VET opportunities at Dapto High School


Essentially, our school offers parity of esteem. We believe a VET direction is equally valid as university so we spread our effort to make sure that VET options are honoured and well-resourced and it's significantly changed teaching and learning.


We've got wonderful teachers there and good facilities and the kids, they want to be there. They get a part time job, they grow their brain as a result of the skills the students learn in our hospitality facility.


The Educational Pathways Program has added heft, intellectual and organisational. All the array of EPP options we have to choose carefully which to take up because there are so many.


I rely on our careers adviser and our senior student mentor and now our head teacher careers to sort of look at the spread of opportunity, of advice and experience and to choose carefully the experiences that best suit our school, our community, this cohort.


Those students not getting their HSC have got an apprenticeship or a traineeship. I see that as a triumph. In fact, this year in our Year 12 graduation, all those people who've got an apprenticeship are going to march across the stage in their clobber as a baker or a chef or whatever they've got in, and we're going to celebrate their success like a student with an HSC.

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