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Graduating high school can be pretty nerve wracking. Choosing what to do for a career is a big decision, and can creep up on you as the time comes closer to leaving school.

What if you could get real on the job experience and a qualification on completion of your HSC?

A School Based Traineeship is a great pathway to stay in school and get a head start on your career.

And the best thing? There are loads of great career options to cater to any interest.

There’s over 55 different School Based Traineeships available across 27 different industries. - They cover everything from agriculture to transport, furnishing, hospitality, tourism and information technology.

A School Based Traineeship combines paid work, formal training and school. They usually start early in year 11 and contribute to your HSC.

When you finish, you’ll walk away with a nationally recognised qualification at either Certificate II or Certificate III level.

A typical week includes one day of formal training, one day at work, and three days at school.

Most qualifications require at least 100 paid days on the job, but this can vary.

So, you’ve finished school and got your Certificate, what happens next?

  • You could keep studying in your industry;

  • You could balance study and work with a part or full time job in your industry,

  • Or receive recognition of prior learning at some Universities and lower your HECs debt!

Interested? Here’s some simple steps to get you going.

  • Explore different career options and see what stands out;

  • Talk to your Careers Adviser about your goals and how a school-based traineeship can fit in around your school life.

  • Use your networks to gain employment – start with family, friends, local employers and explore job search websites.

  • Your Careers Adviser can help you with your resume and SBAT application;

  • And don’t forget, your local SBAT Engagement Officer is there to support you each step of the way.

With two years of paid work experience, an industry qualification, and your HSC, a School Based Traineeship will help you to stand out from the crowd, and put you in a great position to take the next step in your career.

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