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My name's Richard Finter. I'm the proud principal of Lightning Ridge Central School in a rural and remote area consisting of 350 students. 54% of our student population is Aboriginal. The school sits on Yuwaalaraay land, which is really important to acknowledge. It's a very, very diverse student population in terms of ethnicity, but also in terms of background.

The Educational Pathways Programs provide a numerous opportunities and learning experiences for students. VET subjects are really important in any educational context, but they're particularly important in regional and rural and remote areas.

Sometimes the focus of some of the students in the community is narrower than what it could be, and that can open up a world of real-life experience. We offer the broadest curriculum we can possibly offer out here in terms of VET, construction, PI, sport and rec, as well as hospitality.

The Educational Pathways has been crucial because it provides a, I suppose, a spine or a clear narrative around careers education. The courses actually provide impetus and give students a taster. So that gives us the opportunity, and kids get a clear indication of what their interest is.

It's been an eye-opener for me as principal to see what sort of training opportunities are there for students. And that's the joy of the EPP because it comes to us, there's variety, and it provides that narrative around careers education.

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