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Sharna Dawson:

So my name's Sharna Dawson. I'm the owner of the EDGE workshops. I started these seven years ago because all the students were coming to me all the time and go, "What can I wear?" So I called in some friends that worked in industry and thought let's get kidsworking hands on, not being talked at all day, learning how to get job-ready. I'd make sure that you research the company that you're going for, have an understanding of what they do. If you know something a little bit about them and the person next to you doesn't, you've already got the edge.

The D is for deportment. It's about how you present yourself. A confident person walks in the room. They make eye contact straight away. They have their shoulders back and they're happy. Just be really pleasant, be yourself, because, essentially, they're looking at you as a future employee. G is for grooming. So make sure that your presentation is on point. Make sure your hair is off your face. Make sure the clothes that you have are appropriate. Make sure you wear deodorant. No one wants to interview someone or work with someone that stinks. So that goes for guys and girls. Every little bit helps. Learning employability skills is something that you'll learn over time. So having employability skills likecommunication, make sure you talk to your employer and say, "I'm not available these days." Or make sure they know upfront. Also, be understanding that you're in a workplace where people want to get to know you, so it's all about human interaction. At the end of the day, they're human, they're not going to have a go at you. They just want to have that conversation.

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