Transcript for VET graduate launches successful media career

VET graduate launches successful media career


My name is Tyrone Pynor, and I currently work within media more broadly, but specialising in radio ops and broadcast ops. I present, play music, talking about the music and within broadcast ops I'm working with cameras doing a lot of filming productions and news gathering. During the last years of high school I got offered a traineeship, a school-based traineeship. It was in the business sector, business studies or business services, sorry. And it meant that I had to work at a bank one day a week and study for two years doing business services. And that was fine, it was something at the time that I knew I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to try and it was a source of income. For 16 year old Tyrone, I mean any kid would love the thought of being paid to study. I had gotten to a point where I was graduating from my traineeship for business services and at the graduation ceremony I'd given a speech, and I was quite open about how I had fallen in love with creative media in general, and that maybe business wasn't actually for me.

And it was great that I had spent two years during high school, if any period of my life during high school that I had spent these two years working within the business sector. An opportunity presented itself that night of my graduation, a man from SBS had approached me and he had just asked, "we have this position going, would you be interested?" It was such an easy decision for me to be like, it was the creative pathway for me because that was the itching bone in my body that I needed to scratch. So I stepped into my role at SBS, a 12 month traineeship, 6 of those months I studied a Cert IVr in screen and media and the other 12 months I was working there full time. And so after that, I got offered a position to be a Junior Cameraman, which I loved it was where I wanted to be at the time and it just made sense.

And so I did that and being within the SBS building, I think you make so many connections and being around for two years now, I would've been there, I found my feet, I found connections, the workplace was beautiful. I was comfortable enough to pitch a music show, so I pitched a music show and they ran with it. So I started a music show online, on socials, hosted, produced, directed, shot some of it. I think my whole journey in general is just a big surprise to me. I mean I continue to surprise myself every day with the opportunities I get and what the world presents me and where I end up, and some of the key learnings. I mean, learning to know my self worth, I think has been the best thing I can take from this journey thus far, is just knowing what my skills are worth. Constantly learning, trust in your process, back yourself all the way and seize every opportunity. Every opportunity that comes your way, take it with open arms and run, just run with it.

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