Financial assistance

You may be eligible for a range of State and Commonwealth Government financial assistance to help you stay in your apprenticeship or traineeship.

Travel, accommodation and relocation assistance

Apprentices and new entrant trainees may be eligible for:

  • Apprentices and new entrant trainees may be eligible for travel and accommodation assistance if they need to travel more than 120km round trip to attend day or block release training with their registered training organisation

  • Apprentices may be eligible for relocation and rental assistance if they are unemployed and need to relocate more than 60km in order to continue their apprenticeship with a new employer.

Learn more about the Travel, Accommodation and Relocation assistance package.

Travel concession card

Eligible apprentices and new entrant trainees registered in NSW are entitled to receive a Transport Concession Entitlement card. This card entitles you to an Opal Concession card and concession fares on NSW government trains, buses, most ferries and light rail within the Opal network of Sydney and surrounding areas.

With a Transport Concession Entitlement Card outside the Opal network, you pay concession fares on local bus services.

Existing worker trainees are not eligible.

Learn more about the Travel Concession Entitlement Card.

$100 rebate on car registration for apprentices

First and second year apprentices may be eligible to receive a $100 rebate on their car registration.

To be eligible for the rebate, the vehicle must be registered in NSW in the name of an eligible apprentice and due for renewal and paid after becoming an apprentice.

Find out more about the Apprentice Vehicle Registration Rebate.

Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Placement Services (CAPS)

CAPS is a NSW Government service that helps apprentices and trainees in skills shortage occupations who have lost their jobs to find an employer and complete their apprenticeships or traineeship.

Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships

The Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships will assist apprentices in NSW who have demonstrated:

  • hardship in their personal circumstances
  • aptitude for vocational education and training to lead to successfully completing their trade training
  • a positive attitude and application in the workplace and in the formal training

Regional Apprentice and University Student Travel Card

Applications are suspended

The Regional Apprentice and University Student Travel Card trial program has been suspended for review. No new applications will be accepted at this time.

Existing cardholders can continue to use their travel card until it expires.

Supporting access to education and training

The Regional Apprentice and University Student Travel Card provides eligible apprentices and university students living in regional, rural and remote areas of NSW with a $250 prepaid card to help ease the cost of travel and support access to education and training.

The travel card can be used at certain retailers for the following expenses:

  • pre-booked NSW TrainLink regional train and coach services
  • taxi trips
  • fuel at service stations
  • Opal card top up payments
  • privately-operated coaches
  • electric charging stations
  • selected community transport services.


To be eligible for a Regional Apprentice and University Student Travel Card, you must be:

You are not eligible if you are:

  • an apprentice or trainee participating in school or corrective services based programs.

How to apply

You can apply for the Regional Apprentices and University Student Travel Card on the Service NSW website or in person at your local Service NSW centre. Applications close 30 November 2023.


Phone 13 11 28 to speak to your local training provider.


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