Continuing Apprentices and Trainees Placement Service (CAPS)

Looking for work and further training? The Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Placement Service (CAPS) is a free job matching program to connect you with potential employers.

The purpose and focus of CAPS is on helping apprentices and trainees secure new employment and continue their training.

You'll need to register to make your profile available through the CAPS service so employers can contact you directly to start recruitment, request a resume or an interview.

How do apprentices/trainees register for assistance?

Begin by completing the online Apprentices/Trainees Registration Form. CAPS will email confirmation of your registration within two working days.

Registering doesn’t guarantee a job offer, however it might speed things up. You should continue looking for work on your own.

How does CAPS work?

After registering, staff from Training Services NSW will contact you to confirm your details and training requirements.

You're then listed on the Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Register with a unique Register ID. No personal details are displayed and CAPS doesn’t keep resumes or discloses details about previous employment.

Employers can search the Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Register and find suitable candidates based on their profiles. They also register their vacant apprentice/trainee positions through CAPS. Training Services NSW verifies their information before providing any contact details to the employers.

After making contact, employers go through appropriate recruitment processes and, if both parties agree, establish a new Training Contract.

Financial assistance for apprentices

If you’re an apprentice and find a job through CAPS that requires you to relocate, you may be eligible for up to $2,500 financial assistance to cover relocation or rental expenses.

For eligibility criteria and more information, see financial assistance.

Don’t stop your formal training!

You should always keep actively looking for work and continue formal training with your training organisation (e.g. TAFE) while you’re temporarily unemployed.


Phone 13 28 11 to be directed to your local Training Services NSW office.


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