Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships

Applications for the 2022 Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships are closing soon.

Finishing your apprenticeship training can be tough when you’ve experienced hardship. The Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships are there to help.

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About Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships

Scholarships are available to assist apprentices in NSW who have demonstrated:

  • hardship in their personal circumstances
  • capability for vocational education and training that leads to successful completion of their trade training
  • a positive attitude and application in workplace and formal training.

Scholarships are open to NSW registered apprentices in both metropolitan and country areas, including school based apprentices.


The Scholarships are worth $5,000 each year for up to three years.

Applicants must be active in an approved apprenticeship at the time of being awarded the Scholarship.

Continued funding is subject to the Scholarship holder maintaining their eligibility during the life of the Scholarship as outlined in the Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships Guidelines.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants for the Scholarship must meet all of the following requirements.

The apprentice must:

  • be an Australian citizen or hold permanent resident status
  • be a first year apprentice in an apprenticeship arrangement that commenced between 1st March 2021 and 27th May 2022
  • be registered in NSW and employed by an employer based in NSW
  • have experienced hardships in their life.

How to apply

Application for the Scholarship may be made by the apprentice or another person on their behalf.

To apply for the 2022 Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships:

  1. Download the Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships Guidelines
  2. Register or login to apply through our online Application Portal
  3. Submit the application by Friday 27 May 2022.

Alternatively you could phone your local Training Services NSW office on 13 28 11 and ask for a copy of the Application Form and the Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships Guidelines.

The completed application will require a supporting statement each from the employer and a representative of the Registered Training Organisation.

Application forms and accompanying statements/documents must be submitted online or returned to the relevant Regional Office on or before Friday 27 May 2022.


For all enquiries please phone 13 28 11.

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