What should I be paid?

The wages and conditions of employment for apprentices and trainees are protected by industrial legislation with most awards having special coverage for apprentices and trainees.

Your training contract names the award at question 38.

Check out your award at any of the following:


Trainees who aren’t covered by an award or agreement need to be paid at least the amount from Schedule E - National Training Wage in the Miscellaneous Award 2010.

Use the trainee wage calculators from the Fair Work Ombudsman website to find minimum pay rates for trainees in common industries.

National minimum wage

The national minimum wage is the minimum wage that applies to employees who aren’t covered by an award or agreement. It covers the whole national workplace relations system.

Most employees in the national workplace relations system are covered by an award. See Finding the right pay on Fair Work Australia's website for tools and information to help you find minimum wages under awards.

For more information phone 13 13 94 or ask your union.

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