The training does not match my job

Are the things you're learning at work different to what you're learning with the registered training organisation (RTO)?

What should I be learning?

The formal training you get is meant to support what you do at work.

Training packages have been developed for every apprenticeship and traineeship. These define the skills and knowledge you must learn. They provide guidance and resources for your training to both your employer and RTO.

Your training plan, competency record book and training materials (supplied by the RTO) give you a very good picture of what you should be learning.

Employer's responsibilities

Your employer has primary responsibility for providing you with relevant on-the-job training and experience. Your employer agreed to do that when he or she signed the training contract. Your employer must:

  • provide you with the correct work-based training
  • release you from work to attend formal training
  • liaise with your RTO about your attendance, participation and progress in training
  • report any training issues that might arise to your Australian Apprenticeship Centre contact or the local Training Services NSW office.

The RTO's responsibilities

Your RTO must:

  • develop a Training Plan that sets out the requirements for achieving the qualifications and meets your individual learning needs and the needs of your workplace
  • deliver formal training and/or assessments to complement your employer’s training efforts
  • deliver training that meets the national training standards (the Australian Quality Training Framework)
  • assess your skills (competencies).


If you believe you are not getting the right training from either your employer or RTO, talk to them - it might just be a simple mistake. Otherwise:

  • check your training plan - it tells you what you should be learning and gives you something official for the discussion with your employer or RTO
  • if you need someone to intervene on your behalf, talk to your supervisor or contact Training Services NSW straight away.


Training Services NSW is the Government authority on all aspects of Apprenticeships and Traineeships. You can contact them on 13 28 11


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