Apprentice Vehicle Registration Rebate

A rebate of $100 is available to assist you with the cost of registering your motor vehicle in your first and second year of an apprenticeship.

Who is eligible?

  • Active apprentices registered in NSW in their first and second year.
  • Trainees are not eligible.

What you should know

The rebate can only be claimed after the registration or renewal fees have been paid, and only one rebate can be claimed per financial year. In addition, the vehicle must:

  • Be registered in NSW.
  • Be registered (including jointly) in the name of the eligible apprentice.
  • Be registered for general private or general business use.
  • Have been registered in the name of an eligible apprentice when the registration fee and motor vehicle tax were last paid and
  • Be due for renewal and paid after becoming an eligible apprentice.

The rebate will be paid directly into a bank, building society or credit union in the name of the apprentice within 30 days of the application being received.

Transfer of vehicle registration

If you are an eligible apprentice but did not renew the registration when you transferred the vehicle to your name you cannot claim the rebate. However you can claim the rebate when you pay your registration next time.

Time limit

You must be eligible for the rebate at the time you make your claim. That is, if you are a second year apprentice, you must make the claim before you complete the second year of your apprenticeship.

How to apply


The Transport for NSW usually pays the rebate by electronic funds transfer directly into your nominated account.

You should receive a confirmation letter.

Read the directions on the Service NSW website for more information, or contact them directly (Ph 13 77 88) if there is any problem with payment.


If Transport for NSW rejects your claim you will receive a letter to explain the reasons.

If the reason for rejection is about your apprenticeship you should contact Training Services NSW on 13 28 11 to get advice.

Travel and accommodation allowance

Note, you may also be eligible for the VTAS (Travel and Accommodation Allowance) to assist you with travel costs.


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