Continuing Apprentices and Trainees Placement Service (CAPS)

Are you looking to finish your apprenticeship or traineeship? You're in the right spot. CAPS helps apprentices and trainees find jobs. It's free and supports your journey of learning. Let us assist you to link up with employers who are seeking your skills and training.

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How CAPS works

Training Services NSW will check your details and training needs when you register. Subsequently, you'll be added to the CAPS Register and given your unique ID. Rest assured, your personal information remains secure. We neither retain your resumes nor disclose any of your previous job details.

Don't stop your formal training. Even if you're currently looking for an employer, don't let your training take a backseat. Keep honing your skills with institutions like TAFE. Enhancing your skills not only improves your job prospects but also keeps you engaged in the workforce.

How to register

Apprentices and trainees

Complete an easy online registration form to get started. You will receive a confirmation email from CAPS within two days. While signing up doesn't promise a job, it can certainly expedite the process. Remember to keep looking for jobs on your own.

Employers have access to view the CAPS Register to find candidates like yourself. Additionally, they can inform us by registering any job vacancies they have. We verify their information before sharing your contact details.

Should employers express interest, they'll reach out. They will follow hiring procedures and possibly offer a new Training Contract.


Employers who are looking for an Apprentice/Trainee need to register. Once we have received your registration and it has been approved, you will have access to the pool of Apprentices/Trainees in our CAPS register.

Financial assistance for apprentices

If you secure a job through CAPS that requires relocation, you may get up to $2,500 for relocation expenses. To determine your eligibility, refer to our financial assistance page.


For any assistance needed, feel free to call 13 28 11 to connect with your local Training Services NSW office. We're here to support you every step of the way.


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