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The Educational Pathways Program is made up of 8 individual initiatives that all participating schools have access to.

Video - an overview of the Educational Pathways Program initiatives (duration 02:16)

A look at the initiatives provided by the Educational Pathways Program

It's no secret that for high school students looking for a pathway to their future.
it can be challenging.

That's where the Educational Pathways program can help
through a range of unique initiatives.

It delivers expert guidance, industry experience, hands on learning, and pathways for rewarding careers.

Let's jump in and explore the initiatives.

First off, we're developing engaging career learning experiences that are tailored to your students interests and local skills needs.

And we've got a team of head teacher careers working with your school and community to deliver these.

We're also strengthening support for school based apprenticeships and traineeships.

A team of expat engagement offices are creating opportunities for your students with local employers and providing guidance and support throughout their journey.

For some students, a great way to dip their toes into different career options is through vocational taster courses delivered by TAFE New South Wales in a huge range of industries.

Students can also complete a pre apprenticeship or pre traineeship course. A great way to gain hands on experience and earn credit towards their future career paths.

And when it comes to the world of work, we offer workshops that cover everything from finding the job they want, showcasing their skills and experience to apply for it, and owning the interview process.

Our ambassadors visit schools to share their stories, connect with students, and celebrate the many different pathways that can lead to success.

This referral based program assists disengaged students by connecting them with a local provider who helps them secure a pathway for their future.

Whether it's moving into training, employment, or reengaging with school.
And for the students who left high school before they turn 17.

This referral based program helps them complete their studies at TAFE New South Wales.

With these initiatives, our aim is clear to guide students along their pathway
and uncover their true potential.


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