Educational Pathways Program expands its reach

The Educational Pathways Program (EPP) is excited to welcome a new cohort of schools, marking a significant expansion in our efforts to guide students toward successful futures. Over the past few weeks, the EPP team has visited these new schools, engaging with principals and careers advisers who share our enthusiasm for the program.

We are excited to welcome 20 new schools from across the state to the EPP. The expansion into these regional, rural and remote and connected communities schools marks an exciting chapter in our goal to provide all students with the tools and opportunities they need to forge successful educational and career paths.

In recent weeks, the team has been on the road, visiting each of our new EPP schools. During these visits, they’ve had the pleasure of meeting with principals, career advisers, and other key staff members. These discussions have been incredibly engaging, highlighting a shared enthusiasm for the program and its potential impact on students.

Shannon Mudiman, EPP leader, reflected on the visits saying, “We've been warmly welcomed into each school and their communities, and had really positive discussions with principals and careers advisers on how the EPP can support their school and students.”

Principals have expressed their excitement about the resources and support the EPP will bring to their schools. They see it as a vital component in helping students navigate their educational journeys and make informed decisions about their futures. Careers Advisers are equally enthusiastic, eager to integrate EPP initiatives into their existing frameworks to better support students' career aspirations.

The feedback from these visits has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our belief in the program's potential to make a significant difference. We are committed to working closely with each school to tailor the program initiatives to their unique needs and goals, ensuring that every student can benefit from the opportunities it offers.

We extend a warm welcome to our new EPP schools and look forward to our ongoing collaboration. Together, we will continue to empower students, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to achieve their dreams.

Here’s to a successful journey for students with the Educational Pathways Program!

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