School Based Apprenticeships now open for Year 12s

An exciting new trial gives Year 12 students at EPPP schools the opportunity to start a school based apprenticeship in their final year of school.

A new commencement model under the EPPP initiative, ‘Increasing the uptake of School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships’ sees school based apprenticeships being offered to Year 12 students in EPPP schools in 2021.

This is the first time that a school based apprenticeship is being offered to students in Year 12. It allows students to combine an apprenticeship with their HSC without having to extend their schooling, and gives them a head start on their post-school training.

“It’s very common for students to change their minds and adjust their patterns of study,” says Robyn Pemberton, Leader, VET Programs for Secondary Students.

“The Year 12 School Based Apprenticeship initiative is perfect for students who decide that they would like to start their apprenticeship at school after all, as well as those who were always planning on doing an apprenticeship after completing their HSC.”

The school based apprenticeships are being offered in 11 vocations on the North Coast and 8 in south-west Sydney, from Air-conditioning and Refrigeration to Bakery, Commercial Cookery and Plumbing.

Enrolled students will complete 50% of the formal training requirements of Stage 1 of their apprenticeship at TAFE NSW (2 units of HSC credit). They will also be required to complete at least 50% of the minimum required days with an employer as specified in the Vocational Training Order (VTO).

Students wishing to take on a Year 12 School Based Apprenticeship will need to submit their SBAT TAFE Notification forms by Week 9 Term 4.

For more information about this new commencement model, please email the EPPP team.

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