Initiative Spotlight: Enhancing SBAT Engagement

The Enhancing School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) Engagement Initiative supports student success across EPP schools. Through the dedicated efforts of SBAT Engagement Officers, the initiative builds on existing school programs, offering students valuable pathways through apprenticeships and traineeships while achieving their High School Certificate (HSC).

At the core of the SBAT Engagement Initiative is a commitment to enhance existing educational frameworks within schools. Rochelle Dowley, Rhonda Anderson and Darren Fromson are the initiative leads working alongside each SBAT Engagement Officer (SBAT EOs) to ensure their students are supported across the state.

"It's about improving existing programs and increasing student participation,” Rhonda emphasises.

This approach ensures that the initiative supports and complements schools' efforts, providing additional resources and opportunities without undermining existing structures.

The role of the SBAT EO is multi-faceted and varies from school to school.

"Our Engagement Officers work alongside career advisors to identify students interested in exploring school-based traineeships and apprenticeships," explains Darren.

"They then help these students in finding appropriate opportunities, often reverse marketing the students to potential employers."

This proactive approach ensures that both students and employers find mutually beneficial matches, enhancing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

One of the significant challenges schools face is helping students independently source and secure employment opportunities. SBAT EOs play a significant role in this area by empowering students with the necessary skills and knowledge.

"It's about building students' capabilities," says Rhonda.

"We help them gain the skills to find their own employers, which is crucial for their long-term success."

EPP SBAT EOs have successfully facilitated connections between students and employers across diverse industry sectors, ranging from information technology and graphic design to carpentry and childcare.

The initiative recognises that successful SBATs require ongoing support. SBAT EOs regularly check in with students, ensuring they are on track with their training and work commitments. These check-ins are vital for addressing any issues that may arise and providing necessary support to keep students progressing towards their goals.

Since its inception, the Enhancing SBAT Engagement Initiative has seen remarkable growth and success.

As of May 27th, there are 1,372 SBAT students actively participating in the program, with another 274 in the process of being signed up. This success is even more impressive considering the EPP initiative operates in only a third of the NSW DoE schools across the state, yet accounts for approximately 50% of the total number of SBAT students on record.

The EPP initiative's success is further highlighted by the recognition of its students across the Training Services NSW regional and state awards. A record number of 12 EPP SBAT students have been selected as finalists for the Regional NSW Training Awards this year alone, with previous regional winners progressing to state-level competitions.

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