Liverpool boys band together to build shed

A Work Studies class from Liverpool Boys High School recently partnered with the Master Builders Association to build a shed on the school grounds.

Image: Liverpool Boys High School students gaining practical industry skills

Last year, Petar Kolundzic and Gail Tucker from Liverpool Boys High School invited the Master Builders Association (MBA) to come to the school and discuss the association’s Tertiary Apprenticeship pathway. Little did Petar and Gail know that the visit would result in a new shed for the school.

“When they were here, the MBA asked if we had any work at the school,” says Petar.

As it turned out, the school was planning to build a new storage facility, so Petar, Gail and a representative from the MBA agreed to get a Work Studies class involved.

“We created a student project out of it,” says Petar.

“The boys learned how to pour concrete and how to assemble a frame. They also got a good introduction to the industry.”

The project ran on consecutive Mondays over a period of five weeks. Over that time, the students in Petar’s class, some of whom are already enrolled in SBATs, picked up some handy skills and some really valuable industry contacts. They also earned units of competency for their efforts which they’ll be able to use as credit for other VET courses.

“The boys loved it. Some of them were already thinking about apprenticeships and now they realise that the MBA pathway is a pretty good way to go,” says Petar.

One of the students was even offered an apprenticeship with the MBA, but decided that he’d finish school and complete his HSC before pursuing vocational training.

“He’s got that contact now, and he’ll be able to pursue that after school, which is great,” says Petar.

The project was a great opportunity for all concerned. Students got some terrific hands-on experience, the MBA was introduced to some potential candidates for its Tertiary apprenticeship pathway, and the students gained some valuable insights and contacts.

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