Leaders meet Tamworth school communities

Skills and Pathways leaders visited Tamworth to see the resounding success of the Educational Pathways Program (EPP), empowering students to explore diverse careers and transforming them into skilled professionals.

Image: Skills and Pathways leaders visit Tamworth

Tamworth recently played host to a delegation of Skills and Pathways leaders, including Executive Director Suzie Matthews, Director Ellen Lintjens, CEO-Leader Shannon Mudiman, and CEO Robyn Pemberton. The visit was intended to showcase the exceptional achievements of students within the Tamworth group of schools.

During their visit, the leaders itinerary included school tours and industry site visits, with a focus on how program initiatives impact the lives of students.

The first day included a visit to the Tamworth Youth Centre's Opportunity Hub, affectionately known as the Youthie, where leaders saw the students undertaking a First Aid Course. Opportunity Hub Program Coordinator Amy Strong works closely with the Educational Pathways Program to encourage further education, employment and training, and provide educational support for Aboriginal students.

At Peel High School, the delegation met with Careers Adviser, Naarah Scholes. EPP CEO Shannon Mudiman commented regarding Naarah's dedication and support, which plays a pivotal role in guiding the students towards suitable career paths.

"Meeting with Naarah was very enlightening. The personalised guidance and support provided to the students here is commendableā€¯.

Improving Aboriginal student experiences and outcomes was a major focus of the trip. The leaders took part in a yarning circle with a selection of EPP students, who were able to share their thoughts on the program and how the initatives have encouraged growth in career opportunities. A visit to Boundary Rock, lead by Aboriginal cultural tour guide Len Waters, provided meaningful insight into the the region's Indigenous history and culture.

Industry connections proved to be another key focus of the regional trip, with leaders visiting SBAT employer Blue Dog Fences and Connor, a local SBAT undertaking a Certificate II in Engineering.

A visit to Tamworth High School allowed the leaders to take part in a Q&A session with parents, employers, and current and former SBATs, illuminating the achievements of local students including an Indigenous student proudly sharing the news of purchasing their first home.

"I found the visit invaluable and encouraging. It was wonderful to see the students show the pride of being able to tell their stories and have their voices heard on a broader scale", said Michelle Gill, School Administrative Officer for Tamworth High School.

Throughout the visit, the Skills and Pathways leaders were pleased to see the clear impact of the Educational Pathways Program on the students' engagement, skill development, and career readiness. The success stories of the students they met during their journey reinforced the importance of investing in innovative and comprehensive educational programs like EPP, ultimately shaping a brighter future for the young talent of Tamworth and beyond.

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