Turn to the toolbox for careers info and inspo

The Digital Careers Toolbox if a great resource for students, teachers and parents.

Gone are the days when students would pick a career path based on third-hand information and limited exposure to the field. Today, students have access to a range of opportunities and resources to help them make informed career decisions. The Digital Careers Toolbox is one of those resources. Inside, students will find three useful tools to help them explore and navigate their post-school plans: LifeLauncher, Myfuture and Skillsroad.


Perfect for people who are just setting out on the career planning journey, LifeLauncher features a number of quizzes to help students identify careers, courses and industries that suit their personalities and aptitudes.

For students who truly aren’t sure about what they’d like to do after school, the personality quizzes are a great place to start. In only a few minutes, students discover a whole host of possible career options that are aligned to their attitudes and interests. From there, students can narrow the search by completing the subject quiz.

LifeLauncher also features a great Explore function, which students can use to learn more about particular industries, careers and courses. Finally, the site’s Pinboard allows students to create a career goal – ‘I want to become a Furniture Designer – and then pin relevant industry info and courses to the board.


Myfuture is another great tool for students who are looking to learn more about their career options. The site features a range of quizzes that students can complete and download and talk through with their parents, teachers and careers advisers.

The site also delivers on the careers inspiration front. Students can read stories about people who’ve pursued similar careers, watch videos on various occupations and compare pathways, side-by-side.

And like all the resources in the Digital Careers Toolbox, there’s something for teachers and careers advisers, too. The career bullseye posters, which show the various career possibilities associated with a given learning area, would be right at home on a careers adviser’s office wall.


Promising a ‘360’ view of a range of careers, Skillsroad offers an immersive introduction jobs such as Restaurant Manager and Metrology Technician. Upon landing on the site, users select a field and then navigate around an interactive video to learn more about various careers. If you’ve ever wondered what an Environmental Officer on a building site does, this is your chance to find out.

Skillsroad also features a range of useful tools for students, such as a resume builder and a job board where students can search traineeships and entry level jobs.

So, if your students, teachers or parents are looking for some great career info, don’t forget to direct them to the Digital Careers Toolbox.

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