The following privacy collection notices are to be read in addition to the Department of Education’s privacy policy, and are intended to provide additional information regarding the collection, storage and usage of data collected related to the Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP).

What personal information is available on the ASTP Mobile App for Drivers (the mobile app)?

This mobile app displays necessary driver, Assisted Travel Support Officer, student and school information required to conduct the run journey. This information is derived from NSW Department of Education systems.

How can I update incorrect information that appears on the mobile app?

All data updates must be requested by the relevant stakeholder via current ASTP processes, where it is reviewed and approved by the ASTP.

What data is collected on the mobile app?

The mobile app collects essential geolocation data including the travelled route and events recorded by the driver when the run is in progress. The run starts and is in progress when the driver triggers the first event, such as picking up the ATSO or student, and is completed when all steps of the run are actioned.

A feature of the mobile app enables the driver to report an event or incident (e.g., injury/medical emergency) or add a note (e.g., running late) that occurred on the run. The driver can enter a short summary of the details in their own words and select the student(s) involved.

How accurate is the geolocation data?

Depending on the mobile device and location settings chosen by the driver, the geolocation accuracy may vary. It is recommended to use the highest accuracy location settings available on your device.

Why does the mobile app need to collect geolocation data?

Geolocation data is a critical aspect for the mobile app to work as intended. It is required to ensure that services are performed as approved by the Department of Education, capturing essential details related to the service being rendered for the student/ATSO. The mobile app is intended to enhance the service quality for our customers and ensure the safety and wellbeing of students whilst on transport, ensuring that no student remains on the designated vehicle.

How will the collected geolocation data be used?

The geolocation data is monitored daily by ASTP staff members and may be used as supplementary material when required to review aspects of a run.

Who has access to the data collected by the mobile app?

Currently, the intended recipients of the collected data only includes ASTP staff. Additional authorised Department of Education staff may access the data, e.g., when investigating mobile app technical issues.

Where is the mobile app data stored?

All mobile app related data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within Australia.

Is the use of the mobile app compulsory?

Currently the ASTP does not enforce the use of the mobile app, however we do encourage all drivers to become familiar with it and adopt new technology.

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