Variations and change requests

Variations are requests to change existing ASTP student transport arrangements to and from school on a permanent or temporary basis.

Variations must be submitted by the school with a minimum of seven (7) working days' notice.

Submitting a variation form

Before submitting a variation form:

Variations are assessed and processed in order of date received. If a variation is approved, an amended run card is sent to the school's email address. Schools must advise the parents of the outcome of the variation request.

Submitting a change request

What is a change request?

If a student's behaviour and/or medical needs change you may need to request extra support to make sure they travel safely.

To access extra support for your student you need to submit a Student Travel Support Needs - Change Request form (PDF 237.73KB).

Change requests can include:

  • engagement of an Assisted Travel Support Officer (ATSO)
  • use of a larger vehicle
  • transportation in a wheelchair
  • administration of emergency medication
  • access to specific emergency equipment and procedures
  • removal of existing supports
  • use of transport equipment.

Our program requires that requests for belt buckle guard covers and travel harnesses be accompanied by a letter from a doctor stating that the student has a disability and does not understand the need to use a seatbelt in a moving vehicle.

The letter should also be dated and written on official letterhead. In NSW this letter is a legal requirement for belt buckle guard covers. It is also a legal requirement that a copy of this letter is kept in the vehicle at all times.

To ensure that a student has the most appropriate equipment, we advise you to consult an occupational therapist. Parents are responsible for purchasing car seats, boosters, belt buckle guard covers and travel harnesses.

In some situations vehicles may need to be modified to cater for equipment and vehicle contractors are responsible for ensuring all equipment is correctly fitted. More information about safe travel.

If the combined weight of the student and their child car restraint is 32 kg or above, a reinforced anchor point is required. They can be installed at authorised child restraint fitting stations.

How do I submit a change request?

Change requests for ATSOs must be accompanied by a behaviour support or health care plan.

Once a change request for an ATSO is submitted, the student cannot access school travel until an ATSO has been found and if necessary, trained. Schools are responsible for organising extra training if needed.

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