ASTP Mobile App for Drivers

The ASTP Mobile App for Drivers will enhance the service quality for our customers and ensure the safety and wellbeing of students whilst on transport.

Important: From 1 January 2024, the ASTP Mobile App for Drivers must be used by all drivers (primary and relief) to complete ASTP services.

Key features

  • Provide assurance mechanisms by assisting drivers;
  • Improved transport monitoring and reporting;
  • Enhanced overall service quality for customers and safety of students whilst on transport;
  • Display the next 48 hours of transport details.

Watch the introduction video below to learn more.

ASTP Mobile App for Drivers introduction video

Who has access

ASTP drivers (primary and relief) are able to log into the Mobile App and access their run details for the next 48 hours, provided they are approved and attached to a current run.

The mobile app is not available to contractors, and displays the same information as the current run card.


The ASTP Mobile App for Drivers is available now and free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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How-to videos

The following how-to videos will assist drivers in learning how to use the features of the ASTP Mobile App for Drivers. Click on the list below to watch the selected video.

Login with your WWCC
Login/Reset your secure 4-digit PIN and Logout
Viewing Run Card details
Starting and completing an AM run
Starting and completing a PM run
Using a relief ATSO
Using the 3 minute wait timer
'Are you in the correct place?' alert
Reporting incidents and adding notes
View FAQs and Procedures
Driver profile details

User guide

Please refer to the ASTP Mobile App for Driver User Guide (PDF 8.32MB) for more information about how to log in and use the features available.

Legal mobile phone use

Please ensure that all your drivers adhere to the Transport for NSW road rules, and have a secure phone cradle fixed to their vehicle as outlined on the Mobile phone use - Know the rules webpage.

Privacy collection notice

Please refer to our privacy webpage for information regarding the collection, storage and usage of data collected while using the ASTP Mobile App for Drivers to conduct run journeys.

Mobile data usage

The ASTP Mobile App for Drivers uses a small amount of data during an active run. As an example, a run with 1 ATSO and 4 Students on transport for 45 minutes will use approximately 1.6 Megabytes per journey.

Technical support

If you have questions about the ASTP Mobile App for Drivers, please email or call 1300 338 278 and press 2 (for Eligible Services Provider enquiries) and then press 6 (for Technical enquiries).


  • School operations

Business Unit:

  • Student Support and Specialist Programs
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